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COMPASS is a multi-module solution for the Integral Management of the Commercial Water Cycle, created by a team of professional's in the sector, responding to the needs of the different agents: Public Administrations, operators, technicians ...)

COMPASS provides:

  • A technologically integrated, modular and flexible system that adapts to the needs of each company, town hall or community.

  • Total transparency in each process that generates trust among users.

  • Optimization of the professionals' time, helping them in their day to day.

  • Facilitation of detection of possible leaks and incidents and its consequent sustainable and environmental impact.



(+34) 911 923 535

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GLEX is a tool designed to facilitate and optimize the management of contracting files.

GLEX incorporates a risk management and control system, both legal and operational, based on the LCSP and Public Compliance, thus achieving greater efficiency in strategic public procurement and in compliance with applicable regulations.

GLEX offers, among other functions: 

  • Control of costs and monitoring of all contracting files.

  • Application of the LCSP and Public Compliance.

  • Historical, analysis and reports on contracting.

  • Internal control.


tel.: (+34) 911 923 535

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